July  2010  Edition   

We have argued, debated, discussed, guessed, wished and about everything in between with lay and highly educated people of God the question is gay sin or not? It often comes down to who has the best lawyers to take issues to court with either side winning some and losing some. Should this issue be court declared? Should appeals continue to wax a wane the positive or negative sides?

How long shall both side pray asking God to support their cause of equal rights or less rights? Since around 700 years ago when the anti-gay doctrine was invented to create scandal to purge leaders from positions to the present day we have had only them or us fighting mostly secularly since prayers usually are vague and hard to show was answered, like UFOs you got to be there and you got to see it and nobody will believe you or they will remain skeptical wanting more concrete evidence.

Is there a solution? I am Pentecostal with some 37 years in the Assemblies of God with ½ half that time never missing a service or guest speak or workshop. Pentecostals got international TV and have had several major revivals with physical healings and much more. We believe in the operations of the spiritual gifts and over the years we see more and less use of it in operations. Seems we love the entertaining side of  operating in the Holy Spirit and if we could  find someone to lay on hand to heal us great.

Why then if we so strongly as Pentecostals believe God moves today in the operation of spiritual gifts and we often use them in our services and personal life to some degree including some pretty serious states of living in conditions of life we agree is not good. Pentecostal are involved in many outreaches to many conditions and see God move miraculously plenty often enough. So why aren’t Pentecostals using this baptism in the Holy Spirit to operate an effective ministry to gays and believing the  operation in the gifts would miraculously create healing of the condition just like any other universally agreed  condition we feel are not right in God and the Bible?

This is w here my CHALLENGE steps in. By clicking the “challenge” picture to the left you will go to the page where I explain this challenge. In a few words my challenge is ok we can’t accept each other’s belief about gays so let’s bypass it all. Let’s set the Bible down and put arguments aside.  We as Christians are not like other religions. We actually have Jesus with us 24/7 Bible or no Bible. As Pentecostals it is our will and choice to operate or not in the Spirit. So I have what I think is very fair. Those thinking gay is sin get with the pastor and invite me to their church. They have the first round to operate in the spirit to call God to move, then it would be my turn to do the same.  This operating in the spirit produces the usual tongues, prophecy, healings, and other miracles in your ordinary services. Since this challenge is not ordinary then results may not be typical in that Acts 5:5 And Ananias hearing these words fell down, and gave up the ghost: and great fear came on all them that heard these things. It is actually serious to condemn 700 million to hell giving not much more than  saying “it’s in the Bible”.  What I expect is that God will move and it will be seen gay is sin or gay is not sin in the sight of that congregation.

Lots of new things  these past few weeks. I have been working on my Facebook Page trying to make it interesting and informative and allowing a lot of interaction by visitors to the site. It feature my 24/7 TV programs. You can sign up for this newsletter and other e-mail updates, sign my guestbook and answers questions beside the normal writing on the Wall. There is access to my BLOG and other sites. I am always looking for help with my site for idea and layout designing. This would be volunteer and I do appreciate any help with “Love Gifts” The Stables Ministries reaches out to the world and it is exciting to hear from Christians and pastors around the globe. It is amazing how a simple name like “gays4jesus” can attract so many people. In some sort of manner of the past nearly 3 decades I have used this name at least 1 million has responded in some fashion. From years of not even appearing in web searches to now having many pages of just my ministry popping up is a miracle. What a difference one voice can indeed make.

Some of the countries I shot my TV programs in are Taiwan, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, and the USA. The states I shot program in are California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana. My programs have aired in Eugene, Portland, Lynnwood, Madison, and Seattle. Many years in each city and in Seattle since 1985. Every week in Seattle it is seen on channel 77/23 at 6pm Sundays and the station livestreams its programs click SCAN.



I added some picture of countries I did my program in. If you are from outside the USA and would like me to speak at your church or group or rally which I am happy to do. I have a INVITE ME policy you need to look over. I have several open invites from Pakistan, India, Kenya, Uganda and other countries in those regions. Some would have huge numbers of people.

On top of Diamond Head Volcano, Hawaii           Hualien, Taiwan


Kenting, Taiwan                                                         Paris, France

Dahou Camp, Germany                                   Coliseum, Rome, Italy
Pisa, Italy                                                                    Venice, Italy


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