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Gay is not sin and Jesus is not asking the gay person to change and be straight


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The 14 Verses
Anti-gays doctrine invented 700 yrs ago


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Peter C.
Exodus International Facts 11/28/02
Proof, the God loves  Gays but hates Gay Behavior 26 Nov 2002

Romans chapter 1:26-27 I am confused 18 Aug 1997


1 Cor 6:9 29 Aug 1997

Sodom & Gomorrah 29 Aug 1997

The Garden of Eve doesn't say God joins man and man Fri, 29 Aug 1997

Lev.18 Fri, 29 Aug 1997

Gay is not sin “Verses”

1) 700yr old anti-gay Doctrine

2) The anti-gay Verses???

3) 700 year old CHURCH anti-gay Doctrine In a nut shell! One liner answers to the 13 verses.

4) Eunuchs! Are they gay?

5) Greek and Hebrew of the words used often to condemn gays

6) Hebrew Grammar  (My site)

This independent link takes you thru Leviticus Chapter 18 & 20 in detail.


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TV viewers & others Q/A

1) "Gays For Jesus" about GFJ

2) vcheetah1 May 6, 1997

3) vcheetah2 May 14, 1997

4) owenmean May 25, 1997

5) Ed Rutherford gay bashing1
6) Ed Rutherford gay bashing2

7) Ed Rutherford gay bashing3

8) why 600 million gays

9) Bob Larson

10)Aaron, Paul  Abundant Life

11) "Will and Amy Thomas"  

12) bdavila on Salvation & sin

13) Cheryl 11/22/97

14) Tommy 11/11/97

15) Scott Saw your program

16) Joshua5347 AOL chat

17) I am an apologist? Calbh says

Other Gay Christian sites
Welcome to
Gay Christian Online
Links - Gay and Lesbian Coming Out, Ex-Gay Ministries, Health and Medical Issues, and Fun and Educational Resources

1)The Evangelical Network

2) MCC Headquarters

3) Integrity

4) Dignity/USA


Parent & Friends of Lesbians & Gays



Good gay sites

1) Seattle Gay News

2) Gay and Lesbian Groups

3) Planetout  Great



1) Exodus International

2) Stephen Black Director of First Stone Ministries since September of 1993 (ex-gay)

3) John Paulk's threat  John Paulk Vice-President Exodus

4) Michael Bussee/Garry Cooper founders of (Exodus International)  ”LOVERS”

5) Ex-gays

6) jim.plm.clvndon Pure Life Ministries

7) Stephen Black's testimony Founder 1st Stone Ministries

8) Nancy Brown  & husband, Don, direct LifeGuard Ministries

9 Desert Stream Ministry's History

10) John Gay (a straight man) web page builder for John Smid

11) Duncan's testimony (ex-gay) Duncan & Jenny Bower writes:

12) Inside Exodus (by Surina Khan ) She went to an Exodus International Conference & this is her report

13) John Paulk Vice President Exodus Response to his recent publicity

14) Testimonie ex-gay leaders, John Paulk Phil Hobizal, Jason Thompson, Anne Paulk



1) TBN

2)TBN Troubles

3) Thomas Trask of the AOGs

General Superintendent

4) Letter of introduction to several program hosts on TBN, which includes a reply to Bob Larson's ministry