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Remember, "Gays is not sin and Jesus is not asking the gay person to change and be straight"

Jesus is Lord Son of God. KJV is the only readily available Bible that can be called the Word of God. All others (modern versions) are satan counterfeit bibles.

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Watch live streaming video from gays4jesus at
Chat below anytime (press pencil to enter a nickname)
Chat above anytime (press pencil to enter a nickname)
Watch live streaming video from gays4jesus at

This book really covers all history from Noah concerning "Masons" Learn the real world history you were never taught in school

Other great books I recommend

Welcome to The Stables Ministries founded in June of 1985 a ministry that presents the Bible unfettered by outside pressures to conform to traditions, doctrines and customs of the Church.
Part of my ministry is a HEALING ministry email or chat with me to receive prayer and virtual as it were laying on of hands

Invite me to your church or group for Healing rallies and message from God or a challenge concerning gays. 

You are a Last Days' Christian this means you will be part of the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. This the great spanking of the Church (1260 days), no Christian will be untouched. One Third will come through the refiner's fire (Be in the Rapture). Two thirds will die or perish. (Die in Christ or turn their backs on Jesus)

Join me in world outreach Stables World link in left panel. Use feedback or email to send me your website and YOUR last days' message to the world.
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